Paromel Electronics Corporation, manufacturers of the famous and im-  

proved De Vry 35mm Motion Picture Sound Projection Equipments, which have   

engendered world-wide acceptance for over forty years, is happy to greet the

good offices of its distributors, dealers, and friends.                     

      It is the foremost purpose of this brochure to illustrate the complete

line of P.E.C. 35 mm Motion Picture Sound Projection Equipments, all of pro-

fessional character, ranging from the "3500" Economy Model for use in other 

than permanent locations, through the highly accepted, semi-portable "2810" 

Super XD Model, the "10" Economy Professional Theatre Series, and the       

"12000" DeLuxe Professional Theatre Series; all of these basic models are   

adaptable to the foremost of the new projection and sound techniques; are   

applicable to a multiplicity of custom installations, so characteristic of  

this industry and resultant of varying economic and technical requisites;   

and incorporate the modern, unit construction of projection and soundhead   

mechanisms, mounts for Series II projection lenses, and rotating sound drum.

      Specific, outstanding refinements and features and a most competitive 

price structure so essential to all markets are detailed in the following   

pages, which comprehensive data, it is our belief, should be of vital as-   

sistance to promote promptly an influx of orders that indeed shall prove to 

our mutual benefit.                                                         

                                             PAROMEL ELECTRONICS CORPORATION
                                             JACK M. MILLER, PRESIDENT      

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